Back to School

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Parents rejoice the time has finally come! Time for students to get back to the routine of waking up early, getting ready for school and hopefully doing all of their homework as well as studying for tests.  As we get back into the swing of getting lunches packed and kids out the door it is important to remember that there are others who may be affected by the change.

Changes such as a change in the daily routine can be stressful for our pets.  Sometimes they show it, other times the may not but your pet may be going through some changes that can affect their health.  Stress can lead to many issues, some serious and others not so serious.  Sometimes stress can be seen in activities as simple as restlessness or not eating quite as much.  Sometimes it may be shown in inappropriate behavior such as chewing on household items or the home itself.  It can even be shown by having accidents in the home.  Most concerning may be chronic conditions you may or may not be aware of that get more serious such as organ failure which can be magnified and worsen as a result of the stress.

Please keep an eye on your pet and note any changes that may be going on.  Hopefully there will not be any serious changes but it is important to let us know if anything serious occurs.  Early detection is essential in keeping your pet happy and healthy for many years to come.