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Stepped outside lately?  The temperatures have dropped and now we are facing several weeks of potentially freezing weather.  Of course, we also have the threat of snow and ice as well.  With the weather change we get out our coats, gloves, hats and scarves, but what about our pets?

If your pet resides outside much of the day, please remember to make sure their water is not frozen.  Water dish heaters are available for purchase to keep the water dishes from freezing.  Make sure your pet has a shelter from the wind that is dry and preferably has a bedded area with either blankets or straw.

For our indoor pets, we need to remember that they may not have developed a winter coat that will allow them to stay outside for long periods of time.  Brief walks and/or restroom breaks outside should be sufficient and if they have very short hair, a coat may be a good option.

Also a brief reminder that sidewalk salt can burn the pads of their feet.  Please wash their paws when they come in from a break outside if they are in an area where sidewalk salt may have been used.

Hopefully this winter will be an enjoyable experience for everyone in the family!