Is that... Fungus?

posted: by: Josh Tags: "Clinic Specials" "News" 

Did you know that we are surrounded all of the time by fungus?  Fungal spores are in our environment, both inside and out.  So why don't we walk around itchy and flakey all of the time?

When fungal spores land upon our pet's skin (or ours for that matter), their immune system kicks in and fights off the spores before they can start to take hold.  However, if their immune system is stressed for any reason, these spores can start to reproduce upon the skin and create a scab or scale-like lesion on the skin.  These lesions can spread around the skin and create, in many cases, a raised, round ring (hence the name "ringworm").  Fungus is something that can also be passed from human to animal and animal to human, so it is possible to have multiple members of the family affected at the same time.

Luckily fungus is treatable via several options.  Some are as simple as an ointment or shampoo while others may require antibiotics.  What is also important in treating a fungal infection is treating or preventing the underlying cause of why their immune system may have been stressed.  Most common of these would be allergies, however many other causes are possible.  Since allergies are the leading cause of fungal infections, we do see more fungal infections during high allergy seasons such as spring and fall. 

Fungal infections are best treated early.  If you find any lesions on your pet, please contact our office for an appointment.