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This year has already become one of the worst tick years we have seen.  Finding a tick or receiving a call has become a daily task and we recommend using a preventative product to keep ticks from being able to attach and get a meal from your pet.  Ticks carry many diseases that can be very dangerous for you and your pet.

We would like to introduce Vectra to those clients who have not heard of or used it in the past.  Vectra is a flea and tick product that has been introduced within the last few years to the market.  It is a once a month topical product that is put on the animal starting from the base of the tail and moving up the back to the neck.  Vectra starts to work on fleas and ticks within 5 minutes of application.  There is also a promotion currently going on with Vectra: buy 3 doses, get 1 free.   Buy 6 doses, get 3 free.  Please ask us if you have any questions about Vectra or flea and tick control for your pet.